There are soo many special things about WOP studio I won’t be able to put them all in this review. What first attracted me to WOP was their ‘pole4curves’ class, a class no other studio offers that I could find. Although not my local studio I have been happy to travel to participate in this class. Pole4curves enabled me to start pole and fall in love with pole without feeling self conscious. It truly is the definition of a body positive studio and I now have enough confidence to join the ‘mainstream’ classes. I also love that WOP doesn’t do terms. There is no pressure to nail a move before you are ready at the risk of your class moving on before you. Instead you get to interact with students of all levels, who are kind and supportive. This eliminates the frustration and demotivation that comes from having a time limit to learn certain moves and you truly can work at your own pace. Give this studio a try and if you are like me, you’ll never look back 🙂

Overall rating

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