I started at WOP in June 2019, I was searching for something to do for fitness and to keep active as my degenerative joint disorder pains ease with the building of muscle and activity. I dislike the gym environment and have never really found a fitness outlet I’ve enjoyed enough to stick to. I always wanted to try pole and from the first night in the studio til now, never once have I looked back. I look forward to crazier leg hangs, grips and spins.
The class schedule at the studio is phenomenal, offering the best variety of classes to suit everyone’s progression and pace. The studio nurtures an environment of acceptance and support, and each member whether a veteran or a newbie at pole is apart of a great community to uplift and build up one another. I’ve made some great friends through the studio including instructors and students.
World of Pole has become my happy place where I can be myself, express how eccentric I am, be confident and feel amazing while learning an art form that keeps me fit and healthy. I cannot recommend this studio more, it is an amazing place to learn, grow and become the best version of yourself you can be.
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