I cannot recommend Simone enough, I currently work with Simone on rebuilding strength after a hip surgery. I work in a very physically active job and was still finding despite best efforts of following other professional advice, I was struggling with pain regularly, and found particular movements still very restricted.

I was a little unsure of how effective online sessions would be, but working with Simone feels as if we were in the same room! I do not feel I have lost out on anything by having the consultations online due to the amount of knowledge Simone has (which is incredible amounts!), and the passion she has for her job is so obvious, it makes for an incredibly good service no matter your location.


The progress I have seen has been immense, the biggest win for me is movement without pain for the first time in a very long time! I do both pole dancing and my own cross training, and the positive impact of the exercise prescription from Simone, across both areas, has been beyond what I could have hoped for.


Simone definitely has a talent in picking exercises that are EXTREMELY challenging, but not so much that it is beyond your physical abilities at that time. She is not afraid to give you the realistic run down of recovery / progress, and above everything else, I respect this the most as it helps me to have a clear idea of what to expect.


Absolutely 10/10, would recommend highly to anyone, pole dancer or gen pop 🙂

Overall rating

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