After a year of struggling with my inverts, I was starting to get frustrated & feel pretty despondent with my lack of progress at pole. It was only after a friend’s suggestion I went to see The Pole Physio to get on top of my upper back niggle not expecting help with much else. I was initially sceptical of an online physiotherapy service, but I have to tell you just how amazed I was at how brilliant The Pole Physio is.

The ease and flexibility through which I made an appointment for an injury needing urgent review, and then the professionalism and personal service provided was incredible. The online treatment by The Pole Physio, and advice and exercises provided, enabled me to return to pole quickly pain free. And wait for it… I finally nailed my invert within 2 days of our first session! And I feel fitter and stronger than ever, with way better technique and understanding to prevent further injury. And the best bit, I am back loving pole classes more then ever before.

Do yourself a favour and see The Pole Physio sooner rather than later!

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